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Led by Sudarshan, Darshan Care Nursing Services is a pioneer in the culture of professional, high quality and personalized healthcare. Through the years, DCNS has been able to provide quality healthcare to millions of Indians who would otherwise seek interventions for complex medical and surgical care outside of India. Always ahead of the curve, DCNS has set a benchmark for global leaders in healthcare to emulate. With the evolving social fabric, medical care in India is facing challenges, of which rising costs and risk of prolonged hospitalization are of prime concern. Acknowledging the needs and challenges of healthcare delivery, DCNS intends to address all these issues through Darshan Health Care. Darshan Care Nursing Services is expertly designed to provide trusted, high quality, personalized and professional healthcare services at home.


Darshan Care Nursing Service strives to be a leader in the long-term care field, recognized for high quality care and service and its commitment to working in partnership with residents, their families, and community stakeholders. We are committed to providing exemplary long-term care services, and our focus is on the provision of individualized care that respects, supports and enables residents to be as independent as possible and supports and promotes the Resident Bill of Rights. We value the input of all our stakeholders, and work cooperatively to continually improve care and services provided in the Home.


Our mission is to: ‘To achieve fundamental change in the lives of all older people by empowering them to live full lives as actively engaged citizens and to secure their rights to comprehensive high quality services according to their changing needs’. Our mission statement reflects our commitment to ensuring that our work is aimed at mobilising and supporting older people.