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Benifits of Doctor at Home

In the good-ole days, patients got individual attention from the town doctor when he knocked on their front door and brought care to their home. Today we have many marvelous medical and technological advances that allow us to treat patients better and faster. However, sometimes new advancements and modern way of doing things leads to lower patient service.

Benifits of Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy is not always everybody’s first choice of treatment. Often, people who have suffered injuries and people with chronic pain or restricted mobility prefer surgery to physiotherapy, believing that surgery is a faster and more effective way to treat the problem. However, most primary care doctors refer patients to a physiotherapist as the first course of action, because it is the least intrusive approach.

Benifits of Vaccination

Before vaccines, the only way to become immune to a disease was to actually get it and, with luck, survive it. With naturally acquired immunity, you suffer the symptoms of the disease and also risk the complications, which can be quite serious or even deadly. In addition, during certain stages of the illness, you may be contagious and pass the disease to family members, friends, or others who come into contact with you.

Benifits of Nurse at Home

Nursing homes provide assistance to their residents with daily activities such as bathing, dressing, eating, drinking, using restroom, running errands and administering medicine. Typical daily tasks can become increasingly difficult with old age. Many seniors lose their driver's license at some point and are no longer able to drive to the grocery store or local pharmacy.